Our Process

Interested in proceeding with a website? This is the process we will follow:

Step 1

Domain Name

The first step is to register a memorable domain name.

We feel it is important that you maintain ownership of your domain name and while we are always happy to advise re: the choice of domain name and domain name extension (.co.uk, .com etc), we prefer you to register your own domain name for your website.

We generally recommend you use www.lcn.com for domain name registration. Please note though that you will not need any additional services from them such as hosting, email accounts etc.

Step 1

Step 2

Collating your website requirements

We will email a list of questions to establish your website requirements. These can be discussed over the phone, at a face-to-face meeting or by email. Please supply as much information as possible at this stage. We are always happy to advise on additional content you might like to consider.

Step 3

Website Quote

Based on the information gathered at stage 2, we will give an outline cost for the project. This is just a guideline only. A formal quote will follow in the next stage.

Step 3

Step 4

Website Specification

If you are happy to proceed based on the guideline cost, we will write a full website specification outlining in detail the proposed content, cost, payment terms and any additional services.

We may liaise with you about keywords or phrases for search engine optimisation at this stage.

We then require you to review the proposal in detail and supply any amends in writing to us. We will then revise the proposal and return it to you for final sign-off.

Step 5

Start-Up Costs

We will invoice the start-up costs which will consist of:

  • Annual Website Hosting Fee
  • 30% of website development costs

Step 5

Step 6

Home Page Content

The next step is to put together the home page design. We usually need the following:

  • description for the home page (please be short and to the point and try and use any key phrases that your target audience might enter into a search engine.).
  • any contact details you would like us to feature on the home page (e.g. tel no, address, email address)
  • any social media links you would like to include (facebook, twitter, instagram etc.)
  • hi-res company logo as eps, jpeg or png file
  • any photos you would like us to use on the website. Alternatively, we can source stock photos at additional cost.
  • any membership logos
  • client testimonials if available

Step 7

Home Page Design

We will then supply a home page design for you to review in pdf format. You will need to supply feedback on the design and we can make up to 3 rounds of amendments to the design.

Once you are happy with the home page design, we will require you to confirm this in writing or by email before website development can take place.  Any changes to the home page after this time will have an implication on the website development process and will need to be charged as extra work.

Once signed off, a further 30% of the website development costs will be invoiced and will need to be paid before development can commence.

Step 7

Step 8

Website Content

You will need to supply content for the each page of the website in electronic format. This should be via a word document or email. Any photos will also need to be supplied in a suitable resolution as .jpeg files.

This process can take a good deal of time and can sometimes lead to a delay in the process. As such, we strongly recommend you start collating the content for the website at the very start of the project.

If the delivery of content is delayed by more than 28 days, we reserve the right to charge for work completed up to this point.

Step 9

Website Development

We will now code the website. As we build it, we will test it on different browsers (latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari). We will test it on PC, Mac and iPad. We will ensure it displays correctly on an Android and iPhone.

If a mobile-friendly website is required, this must be specified at the outset of the project.

Step 9

Step 10

Customer Website Review & Testing

You will now need to review the website carefully and ensure that you are happy with all of the content before it goes live.

Step 11

Website Revision & Final Approval

We will complete any amends and hand it back to you for final sign-off. This will be required in writing or by email.

We will invoice the remaining  40% of website development work after the sign-off.

Step 11

Step 13

Email Set-up

We can set-up up to 5 email addresses for you using your domain name. There are 2 options for you to choose from:

  1. Email Forwarding - this is the most simple approach. We can set-up any address using your domain name (e.g. info@yourdomainname.com) and forward any messages sent to this address to the existing email address you use (e.g. yourname@gmail.com). The downside of this is that while you will receive any messages sent to info@yourdomainname.com, any replies and messages you send out will come from your existing email account (e.g. yourname@gmail.com).
  2. Email Account - a more professional approach is to set-up a new email account that you send and receive from. We can set-up up to 3 accounts for you. We will ask you to supply a password featuring a minimum of 9 alphanumeric characters with a mix of upper and lower case. Alternatively we are always happy to auto-generate a 100% secure password for you though this won't be a memorable one!

We will supply instructions on setting up your email account in Outlook, phone or iPad. We will help troubleshoot any issues. If you require us to set-up the account for you on your device locally or remotely, we would be more than happy to do so for a small fee.

Step 14

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If required, we can offer a one-off SEO service to get your website listed on google and other key search engines. 

Step 14

Step 15


We can host your website and email for you. The fee for doing so is invoiced on an annual basis a year in advance. We offer a number of packages depending on the space you require as outlined below.

  • 500MB
  • 1GB
  • 2GB
  • 4GB

Step 16

Website Analytics

As part of our hosting package, we offer access to AW stats & Webalizer. If you also require Google Analytics, this can be set-up for you for a small fee. You will need a google account. 

Step 16

We are always happy to discuss the options with you and help you decide what solution would suit your business best. Please do not hesitate to contact Anne today by email at anne@kangablu.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!